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Two components, water based PU roof sealing system

Cat no. 348

Product description

G18 is a highly reflective water based polyurethane membrane, that when dried becomes a resistant, long lasting roofing membrane, with excellent adhesion to the substrate, as well as a high bridging capability over structural cracks. G18 is a paste material, easy to use for airless spray, roller or brush spreading. G18 is a water-based, user friendly and non-inflammable material.


G18 is used for sealing new concrete roofs, old bitumen sheets coated with aggregates, old acrylic coatings, old polyurethane coatings and metal roofs. G18 extends the life of an existing roof and enhance the Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of the roof.

Technical specifications:




White paste material

Transparent liquid

Specific gravity:

1.35 gr/ml

1.10 gr/ml


35,000 cps.

500-800 cps.

Pot life after mixing: 4 Hours in 20ºC

Min application temp.

8 ºc
Elongation: (ASTM D-412) 240%
Cold Flexibility: (ASTM D-522) -30ºc
Tensile strength: (ASTM D-412) >2.60 MPA
Acelerated weathering in U.V. (2000 hours):
(ASTM D-4799
Very good resistance
Water pressure resistance: (DIN 52123) 1.0 Atm. , 24 hours
Adhesion: (ASTM C- 794) Excellent adhesion to concrete, bitumen
membranes covered with aggregates, acrylic
and PU coatings, metal.
Resistance to fungus (ASTM G 21) Resistant



* A complete liquid waterproofing system for a wide variety of applications.
* Fast application.
* Seamless
* improved resistance to standing water
* High UV resistance & Solar Reflectivity
* Resistant to bacterial attack.
* Resistant to algae and fungi
* VOC free

Instructions for use:

Surface preparation:
Check that gutters are in good working order, that walls and floor meeting corners are rounded, and verify minimum slopes of 2%.
For a new concrete roof:
Application should be performed on a stable, clean and dry concrete (not foamed concrete) that was casted minimum 30 days prior to application. Remove intensively all loose particles. Apply 200 gm/m² of Aquapoxy. Drying time:1-2 hours. In case of a porous concrete, apply additional layer of Aquapoxy in quantity of 150-200 gm/m² .Allow to dry 1-2 hours (in winter time: 4- 5 hours).

For a roof coated with old acrylic or old PU sealing product:
Remove intensively loose membrane parts. Rinse intensively the roof to remove
mud. In case the surfaces are chalked, remove this by polishing. Fill depressions
deeper than 3mm with cement mortar, modified with acrylic polymer (in case of PU
old coating, apply first a thin layer of Aquapoxy). Wait until completely dry. Apply
200 gm/m² of Aquapoxy. Drying time: 1-2 hours.
For a roof coated with bitumen membranes covered by aggregate:
Remove loose particles off the roof and fix with new bitumen membranes at these
points. Rinse intensively the roof to remove the mud and wait until completely dry.
Apply Aquapoxy at a quantity of 300 gm/m². Allow to dry for 1-2 hours.
For a metal roof (galvanized or paint coated):
Remove intensively all sediments and loose particles. Strengthen the screws. Apply polyurethane mastic type BPU-2 at all overlap lines between two adjacent metal plates, over the joints and the screws. Apply Primer MS-1 at a quantity of 200 gm/m² over the metal surface. Wait 1-2 hours for drying (in winter time: 4-5 hours) prior to application of G18. In case of paint coated metal roof, it is highly recommended to apply first the waterproofing system on a small spot in order to verify the proper adhesion to the specific paint.

For an old asbestos roofs:
Remove intensively all sediment and loose particles. Rinse intensively the roof to
remove the mud and wait until completely dry. Strengthen the screws. Apply
polyurethane mastic type BPU-2 at open overlap lines between two adjacent plates and over the screws. Then, apply Aquapoxy in a quantity of 350 gm/m².
Allow to dry for 1-2 hours and then apply additional layer of Aquapoxy, 150-200
gm/m². Allow to dry 1-2 hours (in winter time : 4-5 hours).

Preparation of the product:
Add component B (small can) to component A (pail) while slow stirring with
electric drill. Then continue to mix for additional 5 minutes until homogeneous
paste is achieved.

Performing of sealing layer:

  1. Apply G18 in quantity of 1.25 kg/m² along the wall/floor meeting corners, gutters, pipe penetration and along cracks (in 30 cm strips). Let it dry for 2 - 4 hours.
  2. Apply a first layer of G18 over the surfaces by spray or brush, in a quantity of 1 – 1.25 kg/m². Letting to dry for 3 -5 hours.
  3. Apply 1 – 3 layers of G18 in a quantity of 1 – 1.25 kg/m².
    Drying time between layers: 3 – 5 hours.
    Total quantity: 2.5 – 4.5 kg/m², depends on slopes, type of substrate and
    dimensions of the roof.


For achieving a reliable and long lasting waterproofing system, It is recommended to reinforce the fresh G18 with polyester fabric type POLYFABRIC (a glass net is
acceptable as a less qualified reinforcement). A minimum quantity of 4 kg/m² G18 is recommended in this case.

Apply G18 also over the parapets in quantity of 1.6 kg/m² - 0.8 kg/m² for each
layer. When using a brush for coating, the layers should be performed in cross
brushing directions.

Drying time:
Contact dry time: 3-5 hours (in 25 ºC and 50% R.H).
Final drying: 14 days.

In the shadow, protected from extreme cold (bellow 5ºC) and high temperature conditions.

Part A : 20 kg pail.
Part B : 340 gm small can.

Warning and safety measures:

  • Do not swallow, wash hands with water and soap immediately after use.
  • Drying time may change due to variation in temperature and relative humidity conditions, as well as layer thickness.
  • Do not apply two days before rain or about 12 hours before dew.
  • Do not apply in temperature below 8ºC, and not more than 35ºC.
  • G18 should not be diluted, do not add water or any other material.
  • Flood test can be applied at least 14 days after application.
  • G18 should not be applied in a rate of more than 1.25 kg/m² for each layer.
  • During the winter time (in temperature bellow 13 ºC), let the first layer of G18 dry for 12 hours prior to application of the second layer. The quantity for each layer will be 1 kg/m².
  • In case the drying time between the first and the second layer of the G18 is more than 24 hours, you should apply a layer of Aquapoxy, 150 gm/m² on the first layer and wait 1-2 hours for drying, prior to the application of the second layer.

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