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About Us

Bitum is Israel's leading sealing and insulating products manufacturer.

Bitum develops, produces and markets its advanced market leading sealing and insulating products for the last 70 years.

Since it commenced operation in 1948, Bitum launched a range of innovative and environment friendly products for the construction sector, which set a new standard of performance, efficient usage and costs effectiveness.

These cutting edge products served as the basis for penetrating international markets, which already reached considerable exports to about 16 countries worldwide.

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New Project

The train tunnel in Afula

The train tunnel in Afula, Israel, 900-meter length, with a bow cross section, has been sealed successfully with FLEXIGUM – two component sealing system, produced  by Bitum.

total area of the project : 50,000 m²

Flexigum is performed through two-component elastomeric sealing material of the highest quality, to be applied by spraying.

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