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Many people talk about the environment and the preservation of its quality - BITUM acts!

BITUM focuses on the development and production of user and environment friendly sealing and insulation products, and has done so for many years.

Water based sealing products replace organic flammable and hazardous solvents based products BITUM produced in the past. Thermal and acoustic insulation products, based on friendly and pleasant to touch polyester fibers, replace products based on glass fibers and rock wool, which induce itching during application and use and cause accumulative damage to the health of the users and the customers.

BITUM has also invested vast resources, over the last few years, in constructing innovative ecological plants, which drastically reduced the air pollution from production processes. BITUM notes with satisfaction, that the immediate environment of its production plants is no longer affected by pollution originating from BITUM's production processes. Thus, BITUM contributes to the environment, both directly and indirectly thanks to its "green" products.

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