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The train tunnel in Afula



Israel, 900-meter length, with a bow cross section, has been sealed successfully with FLEXIGUM – two component sealing system, produced by Bitum.
total area of the project : 50,000 m²

Flexigum is performed through two-component elastomeric sealing material of the highest quality, to be applied by spraying.

Flexigum is based on a special bitumen emulsion, enriched with high concentration polymeric latex of the highest quality. The polymeric latex endows Flexigum with an especially high elasticity and resistance to a wide range of temperatures.

Spraying is performed through two nozzles, one of which sprays Flexigum while the other sprays a water solution with Coagulant material.

Flexigum and the Coagulant solution are sprayed simultaneously through the nozzles and two components fans meet in the air.

Coagulant of Flexigum upon meeting the Coagulant solution is immediate and result in a solid elastomeric bitumen layer while clean water is discharged. Since a solid layer of Flexigum is created on the surface area, a higher thickness (4-6 mm) may be obtained in the course of continuous spraying.

The Flexigum method of application (spray-on) and its instantaneous coagulation makes it particularly suitable for application on walls and floors of underground structures below water level with complicated geometrical shapes, piles retaining walls, under floors leaning on piles and under tiled decks.

The Flexigum is a well-experienced waterproofing system, of more than 35 years of good experience in Israel, as well as in dozens of countries around the world, including USA, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Eastern Europe countries and many other companies.

The projects where the Flexigum has been used for waterproofing in those countries include Metro lines, Deep Metro stations, cut and cover big tunnels, basements and parking lots of large commercial centers and more.

with no doubt, the Flexigum is well known in many countries as one of the most reliable waterproofing systems for basements.

In this tunnel the bottom of the floor was sealed with bituminous membranes and hot elastomeric bitumen. The whole element of the bow cross section was sealed with Flexigum spraying, on 7mm thick.

After a good drying of the sealing membrane, geotechnical membranes and smooth HDPE 1mm membranes were spread as a protection prior to the back filling.

The Flexigum application on the tunnel has been finished at 2016, the tunnel is totally dry with no water leakage. 

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