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Cat. no. 831

Bitumol M-1 is bituminous anionic emulsion, with a medium breaking time.

Utilization purposes

Bitumol is utilized for base coarse coating, tack coating for roads, and for coating of concrete surfaces.

Technical Specifications

“Bitumol M-1” conforms to the American standards ASTM-D-977 and to Israeli standard 161 for bituminous emulsions at MS-1 level.



Viscosity of Sybolt Forol at 25ºc:

seconds 20 (min)-100 (max)

Stability in storage for 24 hours (in percentage per 100 of mass):

percent 1 (max)

Sifting (in percentage per 100 of mass):

percent 0.1

Bitumen residue (in percentage pr 100 of mass):

percent 55 (min)

Residue after refining (in percentage per 100 of mass):

Permeability at 25ºc C 100g-5 seconds (renths of millimeter:

mm 100 (min) – 200 (max)

Ductility at 25ºc – 5 cm per minute:

cm 40 (min)

Solubility in Tri-chloro-ethylene (percentage per 100 of mass):

Percent 97.5 (min)

Manner of utilization

To be applied by sprating (or with a paintbrush, for concrete surfaces).


7-0.9 kg. per square meter.

Can of 15 kg.

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