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Flexigum HP

Description Tech info.

Two- Components Elastomeric Sealing Material for Spraying Application

Cat. No. 337

Product Description

Flexigum HP is a two- components Elastomeric sealing material of the highest quality, to be applied by spraying.

Flexigum HP is based on a special bitumen emulsion, enriched with high concentration polymeric latex of the highest quality. The polymeric latex endows Flexigum HP with an especially high elasticity and resistance to a wide range of temperatures.


Flexigum HP is used for sealing bridge decks or bellow asphalt pavements.

Technical Specifications


Test method

Determined value

Crack bridging ability

EN 1062-7

No failure was registered at 2.5 mm width of crack

Water resistance

EN 15817

No change in water colour occurred

No separation of layers occurred

Flexibility at low temperature

EN 15813

No cracking

Dimensional stability at high temperature

EN 15818

No decline nor scattering caused by flow occurred

Resistance to compression

EN 15815

  1. 1 %



Application over bridge deck, under asphalt pavement:

  • The concrete surface will be cleaned and all dirt removed.
  • Spray a layer of liquid Flexigum HP Primer, in quantity of 300 gr/m², over the concrete deck. Allow to dry for 20-40 minutes.
  • Spray Flexigum HP in dry thickness of 4mm (7kg/m²). Allow 5 days for drying.
  • Spray a layer of liquid Flexigum HP in quantity of 300 gr/m² over the dry Flexigum HP, allow drying for 20-40 minutes and spreading a non woven polyester fleece in weight of 180 gr/m² over the Flexigum HP.
  • Spray the appropriate bituminous emulsion (used for road paving) over the polyester fleece, allow to dry. Compact the polyester fleece with a regular road compactor and apply the hot mix asphalt layer.


Covering capacity

A Flexigum HP dry layer of 1 mm thickness may be obtained from 1.75 kg/ sqm of liquid Flexigum HP.


Drying time

4 days for basement walls ;

5 days for basement floors or bridge decks.

During the winter season, drying time should be extended by 1 or 2 additional days, whereas the day count includes dry days only.


1000 kg containers, 200 kg. barrels. 


The spraying gun should be cleaned in turpentine immediately after applying for Flexigum HP.



  1. Flexigum HP should not be stored in temperature lower than 5ºC.
  2. Flexigum HP application may be performed at a temperature higher than 7ºC.
  3. Flexigum HP should not be swallowed. Flexigum HP should be kept away

           from children.

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